Send Out A Search Party

Just kidding about sending out a search party but in all seriousness it’s been way too long since I’ve written a blog…I mean its been almost 3 weeks! I know you’re all dying to know what I’ve been up to since I’ve been MIA (kidding) so I’m going to update you!

Wes went in for his second pulmonologist appointment and I’m happy to say that his inhaler has improved his breathing tremendously, he also had to have an allergy test which came back that he has NO allergies. The allergy test was a hard one for me, not only did I have to watch him get pricked 11 times but my anxiety was through the roof because 1…I was at the hospital(see PTSD post) and 2…what if he was allergic to my dogs…I would hate to have to re-home Wes…kidding…kind of haha! I sat and cried all 15 minutes of the test and every nurse that came in I asked how the dog one looked, I’m pretty sure they all thought I was nuts but again I am happy to say Wes has NO allergies and can continue to live here!

Back to the whole PTSD thing…the hospital is a hard one for me and Wes’ last appointment there was actually on the anniversary of the weekend I had him. I’m not sure if describing this is going to make me sound crazy to people who don’t understand or haven’t experienced a full blown panic attack but being there on that Friday where the hospital looked the same, the air felt the same sent me into a tail spin of emotions. That day I told myself that I needed to go to his appointment alone because I’m not going to let a stupid building run my life, well, I’m an idiot and paid for it. For the rest of that day I was in this weird fog, after crying in the Dr.’s office about the worry of Wes being allergic to the dogs I continued my crying into the parking lot and than into my car. It hit me, everything hit me, the memories, the feelings…I sat in my car for a while because I hate crying or letting other people see me cry and my Dad was at my house babysitting Connor while I took Wes so I tried to gather myself before going back home. After getting back home everything was slow moving, it was hard for me to think or even move…clearly I did, because I have two kids to take care of but if I’m being completely honest a lot of that day I don’t remember. It took me the rest of the day to come out of that and I’m pretty sure it would have lingered longer had we not had a million things going on that weekend, which I will count as a blessing in disguise. This little blurb may seem left kinda open because I’m still working on how to deal with this and what it means to have PTSD and so far writing and letting people in has been huge in my healing so I apologize if sometimes you read this and go “wait, why did she end it like that?”

Now onto something a little more light hearted like I said that weekend was insanely busy! We had two Easter egg hunts on Saturday which was so fun to see good friends and watch Connor somewhat get the concept of a Egg hunt…Wes spent most of his time sitting in the grass!IMG_6839Remember how I said Connor kind of got the concept of the Easter egg hunt……IMG_7179he found what he would probably call the “golden egg” filled with a bag of fruit snacks, after that, all he wanted to do was eat the fruit snacks and was over finding eggs…I don’t think I could describe my kid more accurately than the picture above!



Insanely grateful for these women that I get to call my friends!IMG_6847Our second egg hunt was a blast as well! Connor thought playing on the swing set would be way more fun than finding eggs(this damn kid) but it was so fun to see more good friends!IMG_7181Pissed off I made him look for eggs….IMG_6861Wes with his bestie sitting in the grass…IMG_6863

A shout out to Emily and Ashley for having us at your egg hunts! We had a blast!

Onto Sunday… Wes’ first birthday! How is he already a year?!?! When people say life goes by so much faster with your second they mean it! I feel like it was just yesterday he was born! We decided to keep his first birthday somewhat small and just had family and close friends over at our house to celebrate!IMG_6947



I may or may not have ended the night with drinking a little too much “mommy juice” and ordering $83 worth of White Castle through Door Dash for who was left at the party! #whoops #yolo #dontjudge SIDE NOTE: Door Dash is a delivery game changer and if you haven’t already signed up, do it now! They deliver from tons of different restaurants! Here’s the link if anyone is interested! —>Door Dash

We spent all last week with the boys being sick…first Wes was sick and than Connor caught his cold(isn’t that how it always happens?) Wes had his one year checkup! He weighs 28 pounds and is almost 32 inches long…at one years old…(I know,he’s so tiny)<—sarcasm. He is now officially off bottles and formula and walking! Again, time slow down please…IMG_7043

For Easter this year we did our annual Pinstripes brunch with my family! We played bocce ball and bowled. Connor was obsessed with the bunny…

The bunny was forced to play bocce ball IMG_7090

The bunny was forced to bowl…





The bunny was basically forced to be Connor’s new best friend…IMG_7109

It was a good but busy day!



That pretty much all I got and sums up my last couple of weeks!

I hope you all had a good Easter!!! Thank you for reading and continuing to support me and this blog!!!!

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