Nena & Co AKA The Purse Cult

Welcome back! I want to start by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelming love and support I received from my last blog. I was considering not even publishing it so to have gotten that kind of reaction means a lot! I figured I would go for something a little bit more light hearted this time around and talk about something I absolutely love….fashion!

A Facebook ad had popped up for a company called Nena & Co while I was scrolling through my feed, I decided to click into it and down the rabbit hole I went. I have always loved bags so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! Nena & Co is a company based out of Utah…the cool thing is all the bags are handmade in Guatemala! Here’s a little paragraph off of their “about me” section on their website:

“Visits to her mother’s homeland became an adventurous addiction as Ali and her mother/business partner, Cony, began tracking down the country’s best weavers and sourcing vintage Huipils (fabrics used for Nena & Co.’s one-of-a-kind bags). As the mother-daughter duo ventured into the textile business, they learned of the rigorous and ancient methods of traditional Guatemalan weaving. The more they learned, the more they realized it was necessary to honor the men and women they worked with by creating more reliable opportunities for them to earn a decent income through traditional weaving and leather craftsmanship. Nena & Co. is dedicated to paying fair wages, designing products that pay tribute to the beauty of the hand-loomed textiles, and to only using quality materials and craftsmanship to assemble products.”

To say these bags are beautiful is an understatement! I have felt more and more like a hoarder since finding this company! The crazy thing is…it’s like the hunger games of shopping. Chances are if you check out their website after reading this blog everything is going to say “sold out” they do what they call drops every Friday at 7am and 7pm PST and everything sells out within 10 minutes. I have been lucky enough to buy some things off of their website because competitive shopping is my favorite(don’t judge) but I’ve also bought some things off of Facebook’s Nena buy, sell,trade groups which has been a fun little community to find. I believe because of what Nena stands for that a lot of their customers believe in the same values…that they want to show kindness and empower other women. It probably sounds so crazy because its just a Facebook group but the kindness I’ve seen in these groups is unlike any other! Here’s a picture of how I bribed my kids with food so I was able score an amazing bag and get them to leave me alone for a few minutes:


and than one night I had to distract my husband:

IMG_6713This habit escalated quickly…..


I also just purchased a pair of huarache loafers from Mikoleon Kids, this company is owned by Ali’s (owner of Nena) mom and sometimes the two of them do really fun collaborations! I cannot wait to get these! I’m sure I’ll be writing another blog about them in the future!fullsizeoutput_17

I’ll leave the links here for both sites:

Nena & Co

Mikoleon Kids

Hope you enjoy and happy shopping!!! ❤


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