Date Box

OMG! A second blog post! If you’re reading this that means my first one wasn’t a total bust….or it was that bad that you’re back to watch the train wreck part 2! Either way welcome back!

So on Valentines day Brandon surprised me with a subscription to Date Box. Basically you fill out a couple questions and what you like to do as a couple or where you’re at in your relationship and they send you a date once a month that they created for you to do as a couple.IMG_6313

In true Sarah and Brandon fashion….this date took us 3 separate times to “complete”. Our date was to make homemade soft pretzels with a dipping sauce and play Jenga with a truth or dare twist.

Attempt 1: We put the boys to bed than opened our date box to start our date only to realize we don’t have all the ingredients for the dipping sauce. Cue Peapod delivery order( yes I order Peapod, no I don’t have time to grocery shop nor the desire to pack up two small kids to go buy groceries) I could write a whole blog on how life changing grocery delivery is….but back on topic….

Attempt 2: Again, put the boys to bed and are ready to make our pretzels. We start prepping everything and listening to our Spotify love tunes mix. Everything is going well except that the directions they provided weren’t exactly clear and lets be real here I’m not much of a cook or baker so it only makes making these that much more interesting. We end up making the dough and instead of adding a teaspoon of regular salt we end up adding about a cup of kosher salt into our dough instead(again the instructions weren’t clear, don’t judge) we than get to the step where it tells us to let the dough sit for ONE HOUR so it can rise…it’s now 8:30 at night and neither of us have had dinner and we’re suppose to wait ONE HOUR….so of course I went and got Taco Bell for us because let’s be honest Tacos>Soft Pretzels. After indulging way more than we should in all of Taco Bell’s goodness (sorry weight watchers) we went to look at our dough that never rose……IMG_6393

Attempt 3: The FINAL attempt! Brandon got home from work at a decent hour so we decided to attempt this while our children were awake. We realized that we were NOT suppose to add the kosher salt…let alone that much and that’s why our dough never rose, lesson learned. We still decided to try it because we paid for this damn box and were going to make it work (insert facepalm)…also where are my emojis when I need them! Anyway! Brandon was ready to roll the dough where we than realized we had no flour for the counter, so Brandon being Brandon pulled out cornstarch…all I could think was “who the hell let’s us try these things together?” I basically let Brandon take over at this point and got the boys some dinner so they would be occupied during all of this chaos. In the words of my husband “I’ve seen Auntie Anne’s roll pretzels a million times, how hard can it be?”( see picture below) IMG_6403yep…..they look just like Auntie Anne’s pretzels….

In a matter of 5 minutes both boys were covered in Mac and Cheese, I mean really who decides to try a date with two small children…I’m sure the dogs enjoyed all the food that was dropped while I wasn’t paying attention.IMG_6402The pretzels were done and they were the saltiest, most disgusting soft pretzel I’m pretty sure I’ve ever had in my life. We laughed a ton about how ridiculous the whole process was but how much fun it was to joke around and have to do something like that together.  We put the boys to bed and played our Jenga game and just continued to spend much needed time together. I’m sure after reading this its going to come as a shock but I’m actually excited to get our next date box and what kind of adventure it’s going to bring on and who knows maybe it will only take one attempt!


I’ll leave the Date Box link here in case anyone wants to give it a try!!!

As always thanks again for reading!

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